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PTFE seals are a low-friction, high temperature sealing solution in dry running applications. The natural properties of PTFE make it a good choice in many applications.

  • Inert and resistant to various media
  • Excellent sealing in water applications
  • Good wear resistance for speeds up to 30 m/s
  • Material can be FDA Compliant



Assembled Style - Available Styles Table

Our assembled PTFE seals are created by assembling a PTFE sealing element into a metal case. These seals are assembled with a rubber element in the case to create a static seal in the case.

  • Available materials include Virgin PTFE, Glass filled PTFE, Carbon filled PTFE, and Bronze filled PTFE
  • Seals can be spring loaded or springless
  • Metal case is stainless steel by default. Alternative metal materials can be used on request
  • Rubber element is FKM by default. Alternative rubber materials can be used on request.
  • Seals are able to handle high pressure
  • At low speeds helixes are recommended


Machined Style - Available Styles Table

The machined style of PTFE seals was developed for low quantity or quick delivery situations where chemical resistance and high temperature capabilities are needed.

  • Available with optional o-ring static seal in the OD for an increased OD sealing
  • All machined seals must be installed with a retention device
  • Designs with o-ring designs have to have no axial play.
  • Single or double lip.
  • Materials available are Virgin Teflon, glass filled Teflon, Carbon filled Teflon, Bronze filled Teflon, and Nickel filled Teflon.



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