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OEM International supplies homogeneous rubber and rubber/fabric specialty seals which are designed for applications where flexibility in the seal is critical. These seals are popular in applications where standard shaft seals are unable to be installed due to installation obstacles.



Rubber/Fabric - Available Styles Table

Rubber/Fabric seals are constructed with a rubber impregnated fabric outer ring and a homogeneous rubber contact lip. The fabric reinforcement allows greater seal stability in the housing bore while allowing maximum seal flexibility for ease of installation. OEM offers many standard design styles:

  • High pressures styles
  • Lubrication groove and ports for duplexing
  • Endless and Split Construction
  • Rubber material options for your application
  • Spring retention features


Homogeneous Rubber - Available Styles Table

Homogeneous rubber seals are seals molded with the lip and heal constructed exclusively with rubber. Seals are typically manufactured with a single durometer material. Special designs can be made from bi-durometer materials with the harder rubber for the heel and softer rubber for the lip. Retaining devices are required at assembly.




Special Styles - Available Styles Table

OEM offers specialized design styles of rubber/fabric seals to address specific application needs. Some of the specialty rubber/fabric seal styles we offer include:

  • Steel bands or wires molded in the seal’s heel
  • Spherical surface sealing lip
  • Incorporated exclusion v-ring



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