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Sealmac seals are heavy-duty, metal-clad, radial shaft seals suitable for applications requiring lubrication or fluid retention and/or contaminant exclusion. All spring-loaded sealing lip designs utilize metal end plates, offering additional strength and stability. Spring-loaded designs may be manufactured to withstand pressures up to 10 bar (150psi). Special designs are available to 25 bar (375spi).

  • A selection of sizes between 2.5" to 46".
  • Standard inch and hard metric dimensions.
  • Construction process allows for unique sizes.
  • External lip configuration is available with most styles.
  • No tooling charge.



Within manufacturing limitations, any size seal, inch or metric, is available thus eliminating the need to consult a manufacturer's catalogue for tooled sizes. There is no charge for tooling, minimum production quantities or for special tolerances. Extended life for a damaged housing bore or shaft is possible by machining to correct the problem then selecting a Sealmac seal to meet the new dimensional requirements. Size Availability Chart


The correct selection of elastomeric and metal case materials is critical for optimal seal performance in any application.
All materials have characteristics and properties that predict their response in specific environments.
Material Specifications



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