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Tech Support

Our technical team is comprised of technically skilled personnel throughout our company’s departments. The use of technical staff in various departments allows us to address technical situations directly from initial product development to the final product supply.

Product Oversight
Our technical team has oversight of product from the initial inquiry to the final product delivery. If there are special customer requirements, we see that they are included in the finished product.

Product-Application Engineering
OEM has assisted customers numerous times by suggesting a better product or feature for their application. We will be happy to discuss your application needs and identify an appropriate solution to address them.

Technical Document Management
Many customers entrust us with technical documents including engineering drawings, material recipes, and other proprietary information. OEM responsibly manages technical documents, both electronic and hard copies, under procedures as outlined in our ISO 9001:2008 registered quality management system.

Technical Support for Customers
Our technical team is focused on serving our customers by combining our knowledge and experience with your application needs. A member of our technical team will be happy to assist you with any technical inquiries or requests. Please contact us at tech@oeminternational.com.



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