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Elastomers, also known as rubber, form a diverse group of manufacturing materials. Each specific type of elastomer has unique advantages and limitations:

NBR (Nitrile, Buna-N)
NBR is one of the most widely used rubber materials throughout the world. The low material cost and generally good mechanical properties makes this rubber and excellent choice for general application use.

FKM (Fluoroelastomer)
FKM has excellent resistance to many chemicals which would quickly degrade other types of elastomers. FKM seals are also found in applications where resistance to temperatures up to 400°F is required.

Silicone (VMQ)
Although silicone has less impressive mechanical properties than most other rubber materials, it can maintain its mechanical properties from -70°F to 375°F. Silicone is typically used in static sealing applications because it has low abrasion resistance.

CR (Chloroprene)
CR has generally good mechanical properties, similar to those of NBR. CR has exceptional resistance to many environmental attacks, primarily ozone decay.

ACM (Acrylate Rubber)
ACM is normally used in applications to seal heavy oils at temperatures up to 300°F. It is also used in high temperature applications where the use of NBR is insufficient but the cost of silicone or FKM are prohibitive.

EPDM sealing elements and molded parts are typically found in applications where water is being sealed such as water fittings, washing machines, etc. EPDM seals also have good resistance to weathering and can be used in areas exposed to the environment.

FFKM (Perfluoroelastomer)
FFKM has the highest temperature resistance, up to 500°F, coupled with the best chemical resistance of all elastomers. It is used sparingly in industry due to its relatively high cost versus other elastomer materials.

HNBR (Hydrogenated NBR)
HNBR shares the same resistance to different materials as NBR. The advantage of HNBR is its higher mechanical strength and increased resistance to abrasion.

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