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With decades of experience and miles of travel, OEM International has sought out and secured the best global partners in our industry, ensuring the finest possible product and experience for our customers. Among our manufacturing partners, we are the exclusive North American source for Fey laminar rings and Tenute seals. 

Fey Laminar Rings

Since 1946 Fey laminar rings have been the industry standard of labyrinth sealing; offering a proprietary sealing system that provides solutions for high temperatures, low friction, and/or highly caustic applications. Fey rings require no tooling charge and are engineered to the specific needs of your application. View our Fey catalog.


A leader in the production of sealing rings since 1976, Tenute products excel in industries such as steel, aluminum, hydroelectric, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and wind energy. With a highly qualified Research & Development division, Tenute meets the most challenging requirements with quality solutions. As part of their innovative focus, advanced rubber compounding technology is used to improve overall performance of their elastomers. View our Tenute catalog.
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