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Radial Shaft Seals

Also known as lip seals, these seals have the dual function of keeping lubricants in, while keeping contaminants out. OEM International offers sizes ranging from 3 mm to 2600 mm in many styles, lip configurations and compounds. 

End Closures

Typically found in gearboxes, end closures are used to seal an open housing bore. End closure dimensions are based on bore size and width and are available in a variety of compounds.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals

Comprised of piston seals, rod seals, scrapers/wipers, and wear rings, these components are used in a multitude of industrial applications to separate or block fluid/gases in a reciprocating/rotary action. The type of seal and material composition is most commonly driven by the pressure requirements of the application. 

Face Seals

Designed for the most extreme of environments, face seals, also known as heavy duty, duo cone, or floating seals, are most commonly found in heavy equipment such as conveyors, mining and tunneling equipment and continuous track propulsion. 

O-rings and X-rings

Used in many applications, o-rings are the low-cost simple sealing solution. Available in a variety of compounds, hardnesses, colors, and industry related certified materials. Also available as extruded cord.
X-rings, also known as Quad-Rings®, are used for static and dynamic sealing. With multiple points of contact, x-rings have double the sealing function of o-rings and require less pressure for a tight seal.
Quad-Ring® is a registered trademark of Minnesota Rubber and Plastics, Quadion LLC

Bonded Seals

Bonded seals are used to contain fluid from migrating through a fastener hole or threaded connection. 

Fey Laminar Rings

Constructed of high-quality steel, Fey rings provide an optimal labyrinth sealing effect. Available as single or double wound configurations, Fey laminar rings are especially effective for grease inclusion and contaminant exclusion and in a variety of materials that can be heat stabilized up to 700º C to suit the most demanding application requirements. Additional products include retaining rings, wave springs and ring carrier seals. Learn more about our partner, Fey Laminar NA.
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